Angie Payne ~ What is it about Horses that can Support Trauma Survivors
by Positive Ways to Assist You in 2020 on May 02, 2020

Angie spent most of her career in the corporate world primarily focusing on human resources and has studied human behavior extensively. 

In 1999 a young horse named Romeo came into her life. 

In partnership with Romeo she embarked on her own journey of self-development. 

Angie became inspired to share her passion and the healing powers of the horse with others. 

Angie believes that with the help of horses we can learn to live a more balanced life: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Negative experiences and traumatic events often fill us with problematic stories about who we are; Angie encourages her clients to recognize who they are in the present moment. 

Clients are empowered to create, for themselves, the positive life they want to live. 

Experiences with horses lend themselves to reflecting on what’s happened before, to create new possibilities for the future by removing resistances, therefore allowing us to move freely forward.

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