Emma Lyons ~ Finding Your True Self - Midst Chaos
by Positive Ways to Assist You in 2020 on May 03, 2020

Emma is a True Purpose healer who works with people who have identified a higher purpose and resonates for them, but still find themselves resisting fully stepping into and embodying that reality. 

Emma herself went through a dark night of the soul when she realised that becoming a lawyer no longer resonated after completing law school and then went through a period of depression, anxiety and fear as she struggled to figure out what her purpose was. 

She thought that figuring this out would be the answer.... but upon realising she had a talent for healing others came to see an even greater challenge in stepping through the fear of failure, success, disappointment, anxiety, judgement, frustration and visibility. 

Emma knows all about all the blocks that come up to prevent people from stepping into their true purpose as she has experienced almost every one first had and struggled for years to overcome these challenges to fully step up and be a lighthouse for others to fully life a life of true purpose, passion and empowerment. 

Links to website. www.experiencetrueself.com 

Facebook group: bit.ly/truepurposetribe

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