Kebie Whitehead ~ 5 Tips for Working from Home
by Positive Ways to Assist You in 2020 on May 03, 2020

I am Kebie and I can't wait to connect with you. Here is a little bit about me. I love my family. 

God blessed me with a wonderful Husband, who is the best, most supportive man on Earth, and 2 amazing children. 

My kids are my everything! I have a daughter named Mazie and a son named Maddox. 

I stay pretty busy with 5 Business's and chasing after my children with their activities, and I am so thankful I work from home. 

I am passionate about helping people reach their Business Goals. 

I specialize in Social Media Training, and for the past ten years, 

I have been helping people develop skill sets to break free to the next level. 

With a background in communications, and building my personal brand online, I have a thorough understanding of organically growing social media with-out buying Ads. 

I love connecting with people, and teaching others how to connect with people. 

I am a published Author and my book is called "Breaking Free," which is the core of everything I train and coach people on. 

I also host a Bible Study "Success Through Scripture, because I want to bring God in to the marketplace. 

I am honored to be a part of the Divas That Care Network. 

My mission is to help 1000 people every 30 days and my why is to be in a story. 

I believe in people before profits. If we take care of people, the profits come. 

I have earned over 6 figures, building 5 Business's part time, online and I have helped thousands of people duplicate these results in their Business. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon here at Diva's That Care.

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