Diaper Rash-Momprenuer
by Will P on January 16, 2020

Like many Momtrepreneurs, Carman Campbell had a problem and developed a product out of necessity. As a single mom of three children, Carman grew tired dealing with diaper rash creams and ointments that would leave her hands a mess while fumbling to change a wiggly baby or toddler. She was desperate for an easier and cleaner way to apply creams and ointments without her hands feeling greasy and smelly from the powerful chemicals. After much research, she realized that there was not a product available on the market that could remedy this common, everyday problem that she and many other parents encounter with diaper duty. Carman Campbell, 49, is the Founder, President, and CEO of Swabbies Technologies, Inc. a woman-owned business enterprise. She has tasked herself to improve the lives of other parents and wants to save them from the unpleasant aftermath that comes from applying diaper creams. Using her 28+ years of corporate management, sales, and entrepreneurship experience, as well knowledge as a business owner, she has spent a number of years researching to develop a quality and innovative product that would also be safe, all-natural and effective. 

Carman knew that in today's market it is critical it is to stand out amongst other competitors. She sought out to develop a product that could be applied with just a pinch and a squeeze, thus, Swabbies was born. Swabbies features a patented, pre-filled, one-hand applicator that dispenses an all-natural diaper rash cream. This herbal diaper cream is uniquely formulated and made from a maximum zinc oxide, organic grape seed, olive and tea tree oils, lavender, shea butter, and beeswax blend designed to soothe the most sensitive of skin areas. After a quick use, the applicator can be easily tossed in the trash along with any used or soiled diapers and wipes. Talk about a game changer. Since the inception of the Florida-based Swabbies Technologies, Inc. the company has grown to amass over $150k in capital. Further Swabbies has gained acceptance to the Kulabrands Community. 

Beyond growing her business, Carman often looks for partnership opportunities to diversify her brand. She has partnered with Texas-based Mommies Big Helper vending machines where her product was featured in malls for direct consumer purchase. She has also worked with a community-based non-profit organizations that provide manufacturing job training skills for adults with disabilities and working with the March of Dimes helping promote healthy moms and babies. Lastly, Carman has been interviewed live on "MommyTalk" hosted by Christy McGlothlin and appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine's Elevator Pitch season 5 episode 4 Shark Tank style show as well as her product Swabbies have been on several network TV stations in major cities across the US. All of Carman and Swabbies innovation and hard work has not gone unnoticed with the following accolades: 

• 2018 Winner: Top Choice of the year in Baby Care- Baby Maternity Magazine 

• 2018 Special Jury Award- Eco-Excellence Awards Since launching, 

Swabbies has grown to feature three (3) products and is now available in 119 boutiques and stores. This list continues to grow on a national and international level. Swabbies greatest milestone to date is their September 2019 launch into big-box store Buy Buy Baby and Macy's.com in November 2019. The future for Carman and Swabbies is extraordinarily bright for continued business sustainability, product development, and short/long-term growth. 

Website http://www.swabbiescream.com

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