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by Candace Gish on May 07, 2020

Susan Isaac Design unveils a unique perspective on life that invites you to pause and reflect. 

Her one-of a-kind glasswork art uses an ancient Egyptian fused-glass technique that captures the nuances of colour, texture that expresses her perspective of the ‘hidden world’ found under the microscope, in nature and deep within glass, paralleling a hidden world where we can appreciate the subtleties of a more soulful life. 

Decades of soul searching, to find her way back to her creative self, combined with focused study of fused glass, Susan found herself breaking through the cocoon that she had felt trapped in; her metamorphosis to artist was complete. 

With this transformation, she felt her soul was akin to a Butterfly, finally free and taking flight. 

Butterflies became an elemental symbol of her work and inspired the creation of her one-of-a-kind "You Can Fly" fused glass collection. 

Her love of storytelling, honed as a college teacher and speaker, led to her capturing the fascinating transformative moments of women through ‘Chrysalis Moments’ video interviews. 

Susan’s unique alchemy of experiences and deeply influenced by the healing forces of nature and science, allows her to infuse each kiln-fired creation with powerful positive emotion. 

Her uplifting designs radiate with heartfilled intentions that bring more joy, courage and connection into life resulting in functional art that soothes, reignites and celebrates the human spirit. These empowering messages are applied to gifts that can be worn, decorate your home, or be given as meaningful mementos on any occasion. 

Susan’s newest collections ‘Courage, Hope, and Strength’ aim to encourage one to stand bravely in the darkest of days, find hope to see one’s way through to the light, and find inner strength to take the first step on a new journey. 

Susan shares her joie de vivre, energy through her art, mentorship, speaking and writing. 


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Candace Gish

Candace Gish is a motivator and empowering change agent who understands the challenges women face while finding success in their everyday lives and businesses. She is an advocate for mentors and strong, supportive networks. Her four daughters and wonderful husband have inspired her to create a better world, thus the Divas That Care Network was born. Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women and a commitment to make a difference. She believes in the power of women converging to implement change and has ensured that the purpose of Divas That Care movement quantifies just that.