Destined 2 Dawn
by Teresa Syms on May 08, 2020

Dawn Lloyd is an International Best Selling Co-Author, Results Catalyst, and Trauma/Passion/Business Coach. 

She takes her clients through all three of these steps to create a business they love. 

All of the books that have Dawn’s writings in them serve a purpose to help others. 

She uses them to help people out there, that are hurting. 

She has lived with violence from conception until her mid-forties. 

Dawn has one memory from under the age of 5 that has kept her going. 

She never believed that she deserved to live in violence, but Dawn did think it was her lot in life. 

She couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Dawn has turned her pain into a gift to help others. 

Dawn didn’t find her passion… it found her. 

Her new book Destined 2 Dawn should be out later this year. 

Dawn discovered that even her name had meaning for her life.

Meet The Author

Teresa Syms

Located in Woodstock, Ontario, Teresa is the founder of Teresa Syms Coaching. Teresa is a Transformational Life Coach who uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Resources background and her Life Coaching Certifications to assist her clients to changes lives. She is the host of Powering Through Life. Teresa is an International Award-winning Author for her book, A Century of Secrets, multiple #1 Best Selling Co-author and also a book Reviewer for International Reader's Favorites. She is a catalyst for change. In her spare time, Teresa also assists new authors delve into the writing process, teaches women to be comfortable in front of the camera and is an advocate for helping women find their voice after the silent disease of child abuse, neglect and sexual assault.