The Making of a Soldier
by Dr Sarah Williams on May 27, 2020

My name Adriene Odom I am originally from North Carolina but, my family migrated to Virginia when I was about 9 or 10 years of age. 

The Making of a Soldier is my story of survival of so many obstacles that we as women have to face daily. 

I had to rely solely on my faith in God to carry me from a state of brokenness as a teenage mother, single mother, to becoming a soldier in the US Army and now a disabled Veteran. 

I've done one tour in Afghanistan during which time I began to come to realize who I was and what I was put here on earth to do which was, become a soldier not just in the Army but, for women/men who are to afraid to speak out for themselves.

In my book I expose my darkest and most intimate secrets so that others would be inspired to tell their stories so they like myself would no longer have to live in bondage and become free by their own words.

Meet The Author

Dr Sarah Williams

Dr. Sarah Williams is an acclaimed Clinical Psychotherapist with a specialty in Grief, Stress, and Trauma as well as a Network Television Clinical Consultant. She has provided clinical services to celebrities, professional athletes, and executive clients. Branded as a "Dual Branded Diva" because of her work as a Licensed Therapist and Media Personality. Dr. Sarah is the Executive Producer, Creator and Host of "Dr. Sarah After Dark", a mental health awareness TV and Social Media program. The program provides a forum for others to share their stories of challenge and triumph. Dr. Sarah shares her own personal story and allows transparency because she wants to help others heal, move forward, and upward. Dr. Sarah is a polished public speaker that appears on multiple podcasts, mental health panels, and workshops. For Sponsorship opportunities, to be a guest on the show or to book Dr. Sarah for an appearance she can be contacted on her website