Breaking Free: Bible Studies For Living a Life by Design
by BookStore on May 27, 2020


Are you living your calling? Do you feel like you are truly living a life by design; one you are called to do, or are you living a life by default; one you are forced to to?

I reveal key secrets using The Bible that will help you unleash your full potential! 

Are you ready to live a life with purpose?Are you living a life of purpose? Or are you living a life by default? 

Are you living out your calling or are you just existing? I have been changed, redeemed, and renewed! 

I can’t wait to share with you how I was able to apply some simple principles from the Bible to live the life that I wanted, and desired; my calling. I call this living a life by design! 

You are worthy! God has a calling on your life and He has a plan for you. 

There are seeds of excellence inside of you just waiting to sprout. 

These seeds of greatness within us can produce a life of excellent health, wealth and happiness. 

If it is available for one person, it is available for us all. I pray this book will help you call out the seeds of greatness with in you, with some simple steps, and relatable stories. 

Your calling awaits you!

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