A Century of Secrets
by BookStore on May 27, 2020


 A Century of Secrets is a multi-generational story of how one family’s struggle with abuse, personal identity and deep-seated family lies and secrets has caused suicide, alcoholism and lasting family scars. 

This book is one woman’s journey to uncover the lies, overcome adversity, heal her soul and create awareness for childhood neglect and abuse; sibling abuse, and how children experience and internalize trauma. 

We have the choice in life, to live to our highest potential or give away our power. 

In giving up our power we stop living a ‘life’ and we begin to just ‘exist or survive.’ 

As you read, you will see a pattern develop and the horror of the human condition deteriorate and intensify as each generation of this family fights with their own existence, battles to find some amount of normalcy, while spending the rest of their lives living in their own personal hell. 

Each generation of this family lived under the shadow of lies and secrets creating a destructive and horrific pattern, until one woman decided to break the cycle and expose the lies and secrets. Times and situations may change, and for women, we have faced many challenges since this story began in 1911 Europe, but the power of the human spirit cannot be broken even though the trauma remains the same. 

“Trust me: It does not need to be this way! I now choose to be different.” Teresa Syms

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