Still Beautiful: How to Discover Your Value, Self-Worth & the Self-Love
by BookStore on May 27, 2020


This book is a visual transcript of Kelly Falardeau's documentary Still Beautiful and more. 

At age two Kelly Falardeau was horrifically burned in an accident. 

Since that day, she has resisted being the 'ugly, scar-faced girl' and defined for herself what beauty really means, in a time of unprecedented social pressure.Along with her life story, Kelly invited other authors to share their stories of living through tragedies such as obesity, anxiety, cancer, addictions, etc. to realizing their true beauty is more than what they look like on the outside. 

It's the inner beauty that makes them 'Still Beautiful'. 

Learn lessons on how you can feel 'Still Beautiful' and be inspired by Kelly and the 22 other authors.

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