The Way of the HR Warrior: Leading the CHARGE to Transform Your Career and Organization
by BookStore on May 27, 2020


 Human Resources gets a bad rap. In many organizations, HR professionals are viewed merely as paper pushers and policy enforcers, despite their true potential to affect an organization’s culture and its bottom line. 

Sadly, there’s some truth to the stereotype. In The Way of the HR Warrior, HR veterans Monica Frede and Keri Ohlrich argue that too many HR pros are acting like “Weenies” when they could be “Warriors.” 

With equal parts warmth and grit, the straight-shooting authors exhort readers to break free from the limited expectations that drag their profession down and take CHARGE of their role to benefit their organizations and careers. 

An HR Warrior is courageous, humble, accurate, resilient, goal-oriented, and exemplary. 

By implementing this CHARGE framework, ambitious HR professionals can seize their potential and develop the qualities essential to being an effective HR Warrior. 

This funny, no-nonsense, and practical book aims to inspire an HR revolution.

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