Lead With Heart & Leave A Legacy: Learn To Be Intentional In How You Lead
by BookStore on May 28, 2020


Are you following your passion? 

Do you want to find more inspiration and meaning at work or in your professional life? 

Author and professional coach Tricia Manning shares her personal experiences that will create awareness in your life as you take action toward your professional and personal goals. 

This book will inspire you to be your best, especially as a leader, with engagement and empowerment that will take you to the next level. Tricia shows you how to engage the hearts and minds of your people to create more meaningful opportunities for them to do their best work. 

She shows you how to be intentional in your “how,” engaging others as you lead. 

Inspired to help others lead with heart, Tricia helps you develop your own possibilities with deliberate intent that will define your own legacy of leadership for a purposeful new life. 

This book will take you on a thrilling journey that will change the way you view your life as a leader.

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