Incompatible with Nature: A Mother's Story
by BookStore on May 28, 2020


This 6-time-award winning narrative is the true story of a young black American woman whose son is born with only half of his heart in a foreign country. 

Tracie Frank Mayer does not speak the language and knows no one except her husband when she gives birth to their anxiously awaited son. 

After his birth, the hospital’s chief pediatric cardiologist says to her in broken English: “Let your baby die.” 

This enthralling memoir is a remarkable tale of rebellion and resilience; an inspirational story of one woman’s fight for her child’s life and a testimony to the perseverance of the human spirit. 

With its triumphantly happy ending, Tracie’s story will surely give hope and encouragement to anyone facing any battle, not of his or her own choosing.

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