Manifesto – Vision Boards
by Laura Lee and Yahozka on May 28, 2020

Divas That Care Network · Manifesto – Vision Boards

Imagine all your greatest and biggest dreams coming true! 

Yeah right you wish! Right? 

Or maybe you are deep into the “woowoo” magical land of manifesting and already know it is possible. 

Either way, we have some tips for you on how to create your dream board (vision board) and how to use it. 

Then we share some practical tools for expanding your manifesting experience to create the life of your dreams! Let us know if you vision board already. 

Where do you keep it? 

Board or book? 

Computer and phone? 

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Meet The Author

Laura Lee and Yahozka

Welcome to the Women's Exclusive, a podcast where you will find the resources and fresh perspectives to take action and empower yourself to build a life YOU love in business and motherhood. We are 2 mompreneurs who love creating, scaling and building our businesses while tackling the joys and craziness of motherhood. Meet your hosts! Yahozka (Gabriela) Godfrey is owner of Gabriela Cruz Photography, an empowerment boudoir photography and branding studio based in Edmonton, Ab Canada with a focus in empowering women to create a life they love. As a Published empowerment boudoir photographer, Yahozka is a body positive and self love advocate, wife and mother of 2 beautiful boys. Laura Lee Harrison is your other host here at the Women's Exclusive and is also a mother to one young child and they reside in Langley BC. She is an International Best Selling Co- Author, Executive Magazine Contributor at Brainz Magazine and she is a Confidence & Beauty Strategist, with more than a decade of experience as a Makeup Artist and Skin Therapist, with high profile clients, she is also passionate about helping women see their beauty and find their confidence, so they can show up and deliver their message on stage or on camera. Both Laura Lee and Gabriela are Ambassadors for Gems for Gems Charity, that Empowers women to Empower themselves in ending the cycle of abuse. Both ladies have come together to grow a Social Media Agency, Media Exclusive, where they help businesses grow through Social Media to their first 6 figures in business. Along with the Podcast, is a Women's Exclusive Magazine that encompasses Women's Empowerment, with a focus on Empowerment Photography, which is what these two women are all about! Please leave your thoughts and reviews. We hope if you find value here, you will share it with more women, that might need some inspiration and empowerment!