Why Can't I Figure Us Out?: Relationship Answers In Enneagram Personalities
by BookStore on May 29, 2020


Are feeling stuck and frustrated in your life? 

Do you find relationships mysterious and believe there is no easy way to figure them out? 

Are you asking yourself “Is This All There is?” 

Are you yearning for something more? I was too. 

We were high school sweethearts. 

I met my husband at sixteen married at eighteen and I thought I had met my Prince Charming. 

We were married for thirty-five years and then divorced. 

We did everything right, we worked hard and were good parents. 

How did it go wrong? 

We focused on our kids and. 

We had a good life. 

My husband was a hard worker, didn’t drink, gamble or cheat on me. 

Many believed ours to be a good marriage. 

Yet I yearned for something more...and I was unhappy. 

My husband was a complete mystery to me and I think I was to him too. 

I just couldn't figure us out... or figure me out. 

His personality type is introverted, quiet and reflective and I wanted to talk, share and hold hands. 

We didn’t know how we each feel loved and appreciated. 

As I left the marriage I found the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personalities. Reading our profiles was the biggest Aha moment of my life. In thirty minutes I knew more about my husband, myself and our marriage than in all those years. 

Suddenly everything became clear. It was our personalities. 

I now understand why my husband behaved the way he did and why I reacted the way I did. 

I feel called to share my story and to “help” others. 

It’s part of my personality. 

I wrote my book using our two personalities as a case study to help others with their relationship struggles before it’s too late. 

The title “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out” applies to couple relationships as well as any relationship personally or professionally. 

Through many different examples, experiences and personality information, you will learn about yourself and the people in your life to find the answers you have been looking for to create closer connections, love, and better outcomes. 

The Enneagram told me the truth about myself so I could face it and grow. 

It answered my questions of who am I, what is my value to others in the world, and how I can use my personality gifts to serve others. 

I have come to love and accept all the parts of myself as I continue to transition into becoming the person I am meant to be. I suggest you take the personality quiz online before you start reading to help you clarify your own personality type. 


Life does not need to be a struggle. 

Understanding the personalities will simplify your life. 

I found my relationship answers and I know you can too. 

Read this book for insights to transform your own relationships. 

Figure out Yourself...Figure out your Relationships...Figure out your Life!

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