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 Consciously create a life you love with ALOVEDLIFE! Volume two of this evergreen book-magazine hybrid by Absolute Love Publishing features stories on Intentional Living, Elevated Action, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Self Care. 

Find future editions, print editions, and more at In VOLUME TWO: Surrender to Abundance by Energy Speaks Author Lee Harris Manufacturing Time by Raise Your Frequency Podcast Creator Lisa Capri Ask Powerful Questions by former Law of Attraction Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sue Elliott Trusting Change by Author Sarah Hackley For the Good of the Herd by Equine-assisted Coach Kate Neligan Free to Be Me by Author Jennifer Farnham Divine Timing: A Mama's Journey by blogger Nicole Kovalcik I am Grateful for ... by Absolute Love Publishing Ambassador Denise Thompson How Toes Cause Anxiety Woes by Author and Acupuncturist Jean Brannon How Positive Self-Talk Can Change Your Body by Transformational Weight Loss Coach and Author Michelle Hastie Feature on National Angels foster care non-profit Plus: Be Your Best Self, a Think and Grow Rich exercise, Illuminate Your Life with the Language of Light, Use Color to Ignite Change and Invite Abundance, Slumber Wonders, Crystals for Better Sleep, and much more!

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