Got Tec Richmond, Got Tec Greensboro
by Candace Gish on January 16, 2020

Jocelyn Marencik is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 

She is the founder and manager of four community initiatives - Got Tec Richmond, Got Tec Greensboro, GNAT - Girls News About Technology, and Top of the Rawk Awards. 

Got Tec donates technology equipment to underserved and under-funded schools, as well as mentors and organizes "Learn to Code" classes at the same schools donated to. 

Got Tec Richmond has impacted more than eighty schools and one hundred and twenty classrooms with more than forty-three thousand dollars-worth of technology equipment, directly impacting more than two-thousand students. 

In its first few months, Got Tec Greensboro has donated more than two-thousand dollars worth of equipment. 

Awards received include the Prudential Spirit of Community Virginia State Award, a She++ Include Award, a CSTA and Champion of Computer Science Award, an RVATECH Next Generation Award, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Ethel Virginia Butler Blue and Gold Scholarship. GNAT, which stands for Girls News About Technology, is a hub for news about technology opportunities for girls in the Richmond, Virginia area. 

It includes both local and statewide opportunities and technology news geared toward girls and other students. 

Top Of The Rawk Awards recognizes work and dedication to making UNCG and the surrounding Greensboro community a special place to be. 






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