Trauma (PTSD), Genuine Conversations, Vulnerability
by Teresa Syms on June 12, 2020

Divas That Care Network · Trauma (PTSD), Genuine Conversations, Vulnerability

I am Giampiero Scattolon Aspirational Public Speaker And Conversation Facilitator 

I was born in Peru, and grew up in Los Angeles, CA. 

I’ve lived in Germany for several years and now I live in New Hampshire. 

I served in the US Army for three years and spent most of 2010 in a combat tour in Afghanistan. 

Around 2014 I was diagnosed with PTSD. 

I was fortunate to have a therapist who was really there for me for about 12 months. 

Today in hindsight I see that the one thing my therapist did for me was to create a space for me to speak, and overtime I was able to better articulate what I was feeling inside, and in turn better understand myself. 

Conversations are everything. 

With every conversation we either build or destroy. 

Such is the power of conversations. 

If you want to gauge the quality of any of your relationships start really listening to the conversations you are having with them. 

Are they superficial or can you trust and go deep and be vulnerable with them. 

Can you let go and let them in? Such is intimacy. 

You see the conversation is the relationship. 

I believe that when we engage in conversation with another person who is willing to trust us with their story and in turn we honor and listen to them with empathy, we create the space in which they can articulate what may be consuming them from the inside out, and as they begin to discover their ability to articulate their feelings and emotions into words, then they also discover their strength to push back against anything that may be weighing them down. 

They find their voice. When we find our voice, we are better equipped to connect with ourselves and others. 

The purpose of having a genuine conversations is not to find an answer to our question(s) but to learn how to ask a better question. 

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Meet The Author

Teresa Syms

Located in Woodstock, Ontario, Teresa is the founder of Teresa Syms Coaching. Teresa is a Transformational Life Coach who uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Resources background and her Life Coaching Certifications to assist her clients to changes lives. She is the host of Powering Through Life. Teresa is an International Award-winning Author for her book, A Century of Secrets, multiple #1 Best Selling Co-author and also a book Reviewer for International Reader's Favorites. She is a catalyst for change. In her spare time, Teresa also assists new authors delve into the writing process, teaches women to be comfortable in front of the camera and is an advocate for helping women find their voice after the silent disease of child abuse, neglect and sexual assault.