The experiences of life as Differently-abled
by Dr Sarah Williams on June 12, 2020


Latrea Wyche is 41 years old, she is originally PG County MD, and Latrea is a Disabilities Empowerment coach, a motivational speaker, and a published author. 

She currently resides in Fayetteville NC with her fourteen-year-old daughter. 

Born with Pheffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes the bones in the skull and other parts of the body to not fuse properly. 

Latrea also has vision and hearing impairment she has had to endure more than 30-45 operations to correct various health problems. 

Dealing with major family issues including drug-addicted parents, she and her sister entered the foster care system when Latrea was twelve and her sister was four. 

This is where they would remain until Latrea reached the age of sixteen when she and her sister would be adopted. 

Throughout their time in the foster care system, both girls encountered countless abuse. 

Latrea being the oldest, always felt It was her job to take care of her sister, something she been doing since she was born, was always there to make sure her sister was taking care of, even sometimes sacrificing herself. 

Through it all, she has managed to defy the odds; earning a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Education. 

Latrea became a Professional Certified Life Coach, as well as certified in disabilities ministries leader. 

In 2017 Latrea had her book "Intimate Conversations with God" featured as a special book at the NAACP convention, she travels all over the state of NC speaking at various disability organizations. Latrea also has her own radio station as well as radio show, called “Dreaming Beyond your Disability” , a platform Latera’s uses to talk about pervert issues within the disabled community, (disability and sexual abuse, “The Hidden Disability”, Disability and suicide) as well as provide a platform for other people with disabilities to have their voice heard. 

Latrea was one of the many panelists who was a part of the 2019 Crazy Like a Fox tour, a tour designed to spotlight mental health in the Afro-American community. 

Latrea has also gone on to be featured on the renowned Dr Sarah “After Dark” talk show where she shared her story

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Dr Sarah Williams

Dr. Sarah Williams is an acclaimed Clinical Psychotherapist with a specialty in Grief, Stress, and Trauma as well as a Network Television Clinical Consultant. She has provided clinical services to celebrities, professional athletes, and executive clients. Branded as a "Dual Branded Diva" because of her work as a Licensed Therapist and Media Personality. Dr. Sarah is the Executive Producer, Creator and Host of "Dr. Sarah After Dark", a mental health awareness TV and Social Media program. The program provides a forum for others to share their stories of challenge and triumph. Dr. Sarah shares her own personal story and allows transparency because she wants to help others heal, move forward, and upward. Dr. Sarah is a polished public speaker that appears on multiple podcasts, mental health panels, and workshops. For Sponsorship opportunities, to be a guest on the show or to book Dr. Sarah for an appearance she can be contacted on her website