Hidden Treasures: Sneaking Love and Health into Every Bite
by BookStore on June 18, 2020


Do you have a picky eater in your household? 

Do you stay awake at night wondering if your children are getting the nutrition they need to be healthy now and in the future? 

Are you worried that the nutrition you do get in them isn't being absorbed properly? 

Do you think your kids are getting sick too often? 

Are you stressed out and spending too much time trying to get your kids to eat well? 

Are you fed up with being the "bad guy" because you care that your loved ones aren't consuming maximum nutrition? 

You are not alone! I know this can be downright frustrating, exhausting, and even scary. 

However, there is a solution! Based on her own experience as a mother and her passion for wellness, Gina Diamond offers strategies and recipes to get your kids to thrive emotionally and physically by sneaking love and health into every bite™. 

This book is full of nutritional nuggets and tasty gems offering you and your family: 

 —The Hidden Treasures™ method: Recipes that show you how to put nutrient-rich ingredients into kid's favorite meals that will tantalize the taste buds and are simple to make. 

 —Strategies that even busy budget conscious parents can implement that will enhance the overall health of your family. 

 —Joyful meal gatherings full of super charged yummy food, fun and family connections. 

 —The seeds to planting a foundation of long-term healthy lifestyle choices. 

 —Access to an online community that will provide support, tips, and additional recipes. 

Whole Family by Cynthia Lair and with her main solution confirmed by the best aspects of Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious, this book will prove an invaluable tool to addressing the root cause of your family's health challenges while creating peaceful mealtimes that are chocked full of hidden treasures.

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