Ladies, Power Up Your Brand: The Women Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Paid to Be Bold, Brilliant and Unapologetically You
by BookStore on June 19, 2020


What if you could learn how big companies leverage their brands to make more money, attract ideal clients and get paid well to do the work YOU love? 

Your personal brand is your strongest asset. But for many women, it is underutilized and underleveraged. 

Personal branding is not about logos, color preferences, expensive website designs and photoshoots. 

Personal branding is about finding out what makes you truly you and using your authentic self to connect more deeply with your customers, clients, friends and family. 

Big multi-million-dollar brands allocate substantial dollars to understand their clientele and promote their brands. 

Unfortunately, small businesses and individuals often don’t have the time or expertise to do the same. 

As a result, they leave money on the table, waste time with clients that are not well-matched, and end up providing services they are not excited about. 

This book is the answer to these problems and more… In this book, you will learn a proven process you can follow to leverage and get the most out of your personal brand. 

The authors of this book have over 25 years’ experience working on brands for Fortune 500 companies and are excited to teach you how to bring your personal brand into focus, reach your earning potential and become more fulfilled than you ever imagined you could be. 

Instead of wasting your valuable time and money on fake branding, you will learn how small businesses can be as good – or better – at real branding than large companies, and how women’s personal brands can be a powerhouse when unleashed! If you are: 

• A small business owner, solopreneur, or freelancer 

• Climbing the corporate ladder 

• Entering the workplace for the first time 

• Re-entering the workplace after a time away 

Then this book is designed to increase your confidence, make you feel great about what you have to offer that is unique to the world, and will help you craft your message so you can build your business, land that raise, or launch your career with ease. 

So, ladies…are you ready…to POWER UP YOUR BRAND?

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