A Woman Who REALLY Rocks: GinaLinn
by Carmen Milagro on January 16, 2020

GinaLinn Espinoza, also known as Doctor Love, is a healer, entrepreneur, visionary, motivational speaker, mentor and community advocate. She is also founder of UpLatino, RiseUp Leadership and Get Wise Latinas. She is dedicated to cultivating and fostering talent as a consultant and life strategist. GinaLinn believes that the spirit of humanity, our diverse lives and our shared history propel each of us to tap into our own potential without limitations.

GinaLinn has incorporated personal development and theater by producing inspirational productions such as the California Women's Conference featuring an interview with Rosie Perez, Almost White, Forced Confessions of a Latino in Hollywood a CBS national tour and a ceremonial rock opera for Day of the Dead, just to name a few ...

GinaLinn considers herself a global citizen and most recently has lived in Los Angeles and La Jolla, California, before taking her international vision to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden and now Mexico. In her spare time, GinaLinn is also a folk and artisan artist who describes her philosophy in her art and spirit by claiming and finding ... beauty in everything!

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