Bestseller in 30 Days: Launch Your Book to the Top of the Bestsellers List and Unleash the Hidden Power of Amazon
by BookStore on June 19, 2020


Have you published a book on Amazon and feel invisible? 

Are your sales minimal or non-existent? 

Are you getting ready to publish a book on Amazon and have no clue about how to get it on the #1 bestsellers list? 

Are you a speaker, coach, consultant, therapist, or entrepreneur who knows that having a bestselling book would elevate your expertise, open new doors of opportunity, and bring in new subscribers to your website and new clients to your business? 

Over the past 3 years, I have helped over 3 dozen authors become #1 Bestselling Authors and I can help you! I’ve developed a proven, step-by-step system that works consistently and predictably 100% of the time. In this book, I am sharing with you everything I’ve learned during this time and laying out my exact proven system, step-by-step, that I use with my private clients to get all of their books to the #1 spot on Amazon’s bestsellers list. 

Once your book makes it to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers list, then Amazon begins to promote your book in countless ways on your behalf! 

You don't have to be like the thousands of authors who publish books and never sell one copy. 

You can become a Bestselling Author in the next 30 Days with my proven plan! Becoming an Amazon bestselling author is truly MASSIVE! Let’s face it, in the world of books – Amazon is King! They are the 800-pound Gorilla in the book publishing marketplace. 

Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore – and making it on the Amazon Bestsellers list, means making it BIG! 


Because being a bestselling author frequently opens new doors for those determined enough to get on it. 

Becoming an Amazon Bestselling author can mean: 

New Media Interviews; 

New Subscribers to Your Email List; 

New Clients; 

New Speaking Engagements; 

New Royalty Checks; 

New Income from Back-End Sales; 

A New Level of Credibility and Expertise in Your Niche’. 

And MORE! 

My question to you is – Will you be one of them? 

Are you determined and persistent enough to become an Amazon Bestselling Author? 

If you are, then the sky’s the limit! Getting on a bestsellers list triggers Amazon’s powerful marketing system and it starts working to promote your book to the world! 

Unfortunately, most authors will never become Bestselling authors because they have no plan and no strategy to actually sell their book. 

Most use the “hope” method of marketing which means that they “hope” once they publish their book that people will magically find it. 

The reason people don’t magically find books once they are published is because there are millions of books on Amazon and unless you are on the most searched lists on Amazon – the Bestsellers lists – then people are simply unable to find your book. 

If you are NOT on a bestsellers list, then your book is invisible on Amazon. 

The hardest part of writing a book isn’t writing it. 

It’s launching and selling it! Successful launches are NOT random events. 

A successful launch needs a strategy and a plan to be successful. 

What if, instead of publishing a book and hoping it sells, you had an actual concrete plan — a proven way to sell, promote and market your book? 

There's a lot of noise in the marketplace, having a bestselling book will help you stand out from the crowd!

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