Talk with Terri Episode 2 with Cynthia Quimbo
by Terri Wright on July 12, 2020

Divas That Care Network · Talk with Terri Episode 2 with Cynthia Quimbo

Cynthia, is a mom of 2 girls, took the road less traveled because she wanted to be a present mom. Her Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and successful background in the finance world of life and health insurance being LUTCF were not feasible anymore because the time required for those jobs would mean spending time away from her children. 

Now, she has a successful global Health and Wellness home-based business and on a mission to help more moms, more people be present in their purpose and passion in life. 

She and her team are health advocates who have helped so many people create good relationships with food, and good relationships with self primarily to be able to outpour goodness to others. 

She is on a mission to show her girls and other women that they too can believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Meet The Author

Terri Wright

Terri Wright is a highly successful and dedicated professional with solid experience in auditing, project and risk management, and operational analysis. While her professional accomplishments have been many, Terri’s passion is offering consultation/coaching services. She gets immense satisfaction out of helping her clients achieve levels of success and fulfillment they have never experienced before. Terri began her auditing career right after Sarbanes Oxley where she was the lead auditor on one of Enron’s audits while they were in litigation. She was also lead auditor for numerous NASA contractors. She then became the Chief of Accounting and a Resource Management Flight Chief at Laughlin Air Force Base where she developed and implemented controls while setting an effective tone to always do the right thing while being their best. Terri then went on to Homeland Security Investigations where she helped keep our country safe in working high-profile money laundering investigations as well as worksite enforcement and investigations. Her credentials are numerous: • Master of Business Administration • Certified Fraud Examiner • Certified Defense Financial Manager • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist • Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager • Certified Professional Life Coach • Associate Certified Coach Terri possesses strong interpersonal skills to motivate, encourage, and build fortifying relationships to meet project requirements with accuracy and integrity. As a result of her initiative and enthusiasm, her clients gain and understanding to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and deliver results critical for short and long-term goals. Terri helps successful clients who struggle with identity, time, overwhelming circumstances, and stress to regain their true ambitions and goals. She helps to bring balance back into their lives, as well as peace of mind and enjoying life with family and friends; the way they envisioned when they were young. Her goal is to help her clients live, laugh, and love with no abandon, while living the life they always dreamed. By making a bigger impact and enjoying more personal freedom, her clients are happier, healthier, and able to focus on the important things in life.