The Wild Woman Archetype
by Laureen Nowlan-Card on January 20, 2020

Stacey Shelby is an author, speaker, educator and depth psychotherapist. She is also a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC) in Canada, a certified clinical dream tender, and has studied in depth in folk medicines and yoga traditions. 

She is adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she teaches Psyche and Eros: the Psychology and Mythology of Romantic Love. 

 Stacey has a thriving clinical practice in Squamish, BC working with men and women in various stages of personal transformation in person and via internet. 

She is gifted in working with the symbolic language of the soul and is dedicated to honoring the soul as it presents in the lived experience of daily life. 

Her 2018 publication, Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype: a Guide to Becoming a Whole In-Divisible Woman, is on the individuation process as it pertains to midlife and is relevant for both men and woman. 

She studied at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and completed her doctoral research with a specialization in Jungian and archetypal studies.

Meet The Author

Laureen Nowlan-Card

Laureen Nowlan-Card has been an advocate for women and children her whole adult life. Her natural passion for advocacy led to a successful career as a courtroom lawyer for over 20 years. Five years ago she decided that she wanted to support women in a more proactive and personal way, and became a certified Transformational Life Coach and then the first Canadian certified in Emotional Liberation Therapy. Laureen is committed to helping women create positive change in their lives on all levels; personal, career, leadership, and societal. Laureen guides women to release their self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and to work with their emotions so they can attain increased joy and peace, rather than continuing to be overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Laureen also leads Victoria WomanSpeak Circles where women learn the art of public speaking in a safe, feminine environment. Laureen is passionate about helping women and girls unleash the brilliance of their voices, and about creating a new non-patriarchal model of leadership. In all she does, Laureen is honoured to support women to create lives that are in alignment with their true purpose and their greatest vision for themselves.