Music is Medicine - Addiction
by Candace Gish on January 27, 2020

Blake Cohen began his career in the field of substance abuse treatment in his home state of Florida. 

Fueled by passion and gratitude for having overcome his own battles with addiction, he completed his bachelor's degree in psychology at Florida Atlantic University and earned a state certification as an Addictions Professional to better assist those struggling with substance use disorders. 

Blake wrote I Love You, More to offer perspective to family members – including the addict and their loved ones. 

Combining his personal and work experiences, along with many emotional interviews, he uses short, fictional stories to detail what a family unit endures when one of its members struggles with addiction. I Love You more has since become an international best seller on 

His two-fold goal is to combat the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction and educate those who are in the dark about it. 

Blake is currently the National Outreach Manager for Recovery Unplugged, a South Florida-based Substance Abuse and Mental health Treatment Center. 

Blake currently lives with his wife, Chrissy, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 





Instagram: @BlakeEvanC

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