DIVAS THAT CARE Interview Angie Gossett
by Kebie Whitehead on February 26, 2020


 Angie Gossett is a professional in the Network Marketing profession. 

She fell in love with this profession 13 years ago when someone offered her a product for 1/2 price and then followed up with her the next day to suggest she take a look at this as a business. Without knowing anything about the industry, she signed her business partnership with that company the next day. 

That began a journey of passion and vision for others to experience life at next level where you can truly have God, family and also career without compromising values and principals to have it all. 

She has invested heavily in personal development, training, and skill set needed to effectively teach and lead in this profession as well as in ministry. 

Because learning is always a choice, Angie has recognized that in order to get better you need to have a coach who is better. 

Realizing her need for social media skills, Angie is currently working with several coaches in Stories Sell classes. 

This community and coaching has provided quality online courses as well as a community of driven, successful entrepreneurs who believe that in order to achieve you must be willing to be coached. 

Angie also participates weekly in an online ministry call ROC Success Through Scripture with the focus on bringing your gifts into the marketplace. Angie is married to Lee for 36 years. They have two children and four grandchildren. 

She is active in Small Groups at her church and loves leading women to see their God-given potential. 

You can follow Angie on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/angie.gossett.9

Meet The Author

Kebie Whitehead

I am Kebie and I can't wait to connect with you. Here is a little bit about me. I love my family. God blessed me with a wonderful Husband, who is the best, most supportive man on Earth, and 2 amazing children. My kids are my everything! I have a daughter named Mazie and a son named Maddox. I stay pretty busy with 5 Business's and chasing after my children with their activities, and I am so thankful I work from home. I am passionate about helping people reach their Business Goals. I specialize in Social Media Training, and for the past ten years, I have been helping people develop skill sets to break free to the next level. With a background in communications, and building my personal brand online, I have a thorough understanding of organically growing social media with-out buying Ads. I love connecting with people, and teaching others how to connect with people. I am a published Author and my book is called "Breaking Free," which is the core of everything I train and coach people on. I also host a Bible Study "Success Through Scripture, because I want to bring God in to the marketplace. I am honored to be a part of the Divas That Care Network. My mission is to help 1000 people every 30 days and my why is to be in a story. I believe in people before profits. If we take care of people, the profits come. I have earned over 6 figures, building 5 Business's part time, online and I have helped thousands of people duplicate these results in their Business. I look forward to connecting with you soon here at Diva's That Care.