Brenda Pearce discusses her health crisis
by Teresa Syms on March 23, 2020


 Brenda Pearce is known as the Empowered Nurse. 

 She has literally touched 1000’s of lives over her 37 year nursing career and has been at the bedside of many of the most difficult situations in life. 

 It was her own near-death health crisis that totally changed her life. 

 Brenda gives hope that transformation at any point in life is possible. 

 She is a TV show producer and host, international best-selling author, and podcaster. 

 Fill your life with bliss and watch your world change. 


Meet The Author

Teresa Syms

Located in Woodstock, Ontario, Teresa is the founder of Teresa Syms Coaching. Teresa is a Transformational Life Coach who uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Resources background and her Life Coaching Certifications to assist her clients to changes lives. She is the host of Powering Through Life. Teresa is an International Award-winning Author for her book, A Century of Secrets, multiple #1 Best Selling Co-author and also a book Reviewer for International Reader's Favorites. She is a catalyst for change. In her spare time, Teresa also assists new authors delve into the writing process, teaches women to be comfortable in front of the camera and is an advocate for helping women find their voice after the silent disease of child abuse, neglect and sexual assault.