by Melissa Smith on April 07, 2020

Hi, my name is Kelsi! 

I am currently battling cancer, and am combating it with a healthy diet, which you can check out on my blog https://thefoodtolive.wordpress.com/blog/ 

I love to bake, and I currently work at a coffee shop in my small town making pastries and specialty items. 

I hope to move to the city so that I can work under a baker or pastry chef.

Meet The Author

Melissa Smith

Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta, Melissa's volunteer work and community involvement stems from her battle with cancer. At age 15, Melissa was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer in her leg. Her treatments included chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a number of surgeries, and she now has an awesome scar to show for it! During her battle, Melissa interacted with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Kids Cancer Care and Children's Wish Foundation, each in turn inspiring her to use her experiences to reach out and help people.