Power of YOU in a Relationship
by Irena Kyd on April 15, 2020

Amanda Bucklaschuk had traveled an incredible journey that has gifted her invaluable internal growth. 

She was a widow at 23, after remarrying and Amanda then was clinically diagnosed with MS, having a negative reaction to the MS medication, leaving her now coming back from not moving from the shoulders down. 

Amanda with her husband has 3 beautiful children, She runs her own business as a Transformational speaker, Empowerment Life/Business Coach, Network host on Divas That Care Network her show Phynix Butterfly Diva Style. 

Amanda Loves life & her vision is to assist as many people discover their true internal strength.... Taking Impossible and creating a world of I'm Possible!

Meet The Author

Irena Kyd

Dr. Irena Kay is a retired obstetrician/gynecologist who studied and practiced the Martial Arts and the Japanese technique of Reiki to master level. Having counseled thousands of women about their most intimate issues she decided to serve them further as a Relationship Success Coach. In addition to her medical doctorate she holds certifications in Law of Attraction Coaching, Trauma Resolution Coaching, and Marriage Facilitation. “I know first-hand how working insane hours and raising five children can destroy or stress a marriage. However, I was able to transform a “room-mate relationship” into a passionate love relationship with my husband of over 30 years. I marveled how we were able to reconnect on such a deep level! After studying countless experts in the industry and doing extensive research into neuroscience, the brain, memory of emotional trauma, and ancient oriental wisdom and medicine, a system began to emerge. This system is what I want to bring to you, so you too can reconnect with your love, and be happy again, every day.” The "Relationship Success Formula" is a comprehensive system that explains why women and men sometimes struggle to connect on a deep level and what a couple can do to overcome the "Love Divide"