Heart Driven Hustle with guest Amy-Jo Fincaryk
by Candice Smiley on April 23, 2020

I am a car enthusiast, mom, foster mom, entrepreneur and mentor. 

 I have been fighting Secondary Progressive M.S for over 15 years and have tried every form of treatment I could to bring me a better quality of life. 

The massive amounts of pharmaceutical treatments have had a horrible toll on my body. 

 We were so blessed to be introduced to company in 2013 that gave me the opportunity to have a quality of life I didn't think I would ever have again. 

It also gave me a way of making an income so I could help Kerry take care of our large combined family. 

We have 7 children from 30 to 17 and a 3 year old grandson. I wouldn't be able to do what I do do every day if it wasn't for those products. 

In January 2020, the company I loved got sold and I was once again faced with the life-changing things I hadn't planned on happening. 

Thankfully a dear friend called me with the next blessed door to walk through. 

I am healthier and better for what life has given me. 

(P.S. If you are looking for a way to make money from home right now, help people with significant health issues, and have the products be *actually* affordable and clean - reach out to me) 

With that being said M.S. is a progressive condition and over 2018 we have seen the progression of the condition taking hold of more and more of my life once again. 

It has also slowed me down to the point that things I live for like teaching cooking lessons, mentoring and business building are a huge challenge; let alone everyday life. 

It sucks when you have to ask for help doing simple things like washing floors or even driving myself to my appointments in Edmonton (2hr drive). 

I am a firm believer that the good Lord has his hand in everything we do! 

He had big plans for me or he would have never given me this burning desire to fight so dam hard to never lay down and quit! 

To always fight each day to be a better person today than who I was yesterday! 

I love my life and I really really believe I went through everything I have in my life to share it with others so I can say without a shadow of doubt "If I can Do It, So Can You!" 

I also made a friend a promise that I would never ever give up on my dreams and I never will Robbie.. I never will!!!!

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