Music as Healing Art
by Candice Smiley on April 23, 2020

With soulful tones and compelling lyrics, Tiffany Sparrow offers her sound in distinct and unique ways. In concert settings, she weaves a dulcet, relaxed ambiance into her folk-pop original tunes, along with world music and carefully curated covers. 

Soundbath journeys combine guided meditation with sound frequency to promote deep rest and relaxation.

Kirtan group chanting communal singing events accessing the devotional yoga of sound. 

Tiffany is also an accredited music therapist (MTA), specializing in supporting clients in medical settings, neurology and palliative care, using music and organic vocal expression to rehabilitate emotional and physical trauma, speech and movement. 

Tiffany completed her music therapy training at Wilfrid Laurier. She also has her Master of Arts in ethnomusicology (MA) through the University of Alberta, and her thesis research focused on the health implications of group chanting (kirtan). 

She has presented at several conferences, worked on research teams and has taught a Music Therapy elective course for four terms at the University of Alberta through St. Stephen's College. 

She is a skilled yogi and has taught and studied yoga and mantra in Canada and in India since 2004 and obtained her 500-hour certificate through Akhanda Yoga and Yogrishi Vishvketu and co-facilitating dozens of yoga teacher trainings. 

A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tiffany Sparrow has performed across Canada and Internationally on multiple occasions and has toured with several well-known kirtan artists such as Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Karnamrita Dasi and Shimshai. 

She is sought out to offer performance-presentations and lectures at conferences and her music has been featured live on CTV morning. 

She currently has two recordings featuring world mantra kirtan and is set to release a double EP of original songs in spring 2020. 

Having traveled extensively, Tiffany Sparrow brings her experience with global musics for health and wellbeing to her therapeutic work as well as her performances. 

She is passionate about the potential of music for health and her intention is to inspire and share through the impact of intentional sound. 

Music, infused with awareness and grace, has tremendous power to remind us of who we are. 🎵🎵🎵 


Facebook: /sparrowharmonix 

Instagram: sparrow.harmonix

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